Finding Balance In The Pastor<>People Relationship
A Seminar for multiple congregation


Being able to Identify the Congregation’s Personality (which we all know it has, but don’t have words to fully describe) leads to healthier congregations and fosters healthier leaders.


Leaders in the congregation (not necessarily elected), along with clergy, and staff

Discover the Congregation’s Personality:

   • Values
   • Communication Pattern
   • Spiritual Posture (Focus/Emphasis - how people relate to God)


   • Portrait of the Congregation’s Personality in light of participants’ experiences.
   • Worship style and content as it corresponds to identified Spiritual
   • Enhancements/Diminishments of the identified personality type

Strategize how we might:

   • “Own” our congregation’s personality
   • Lead mission and activities by its personality strengths
   • Improve communications to increase understanding and participation
   • Develop worship that both honors our core personality and is inviting /
      meaningful to other personality types.

Scheduling Recommendations:
      Multiple congregations from one or more judicatories/denominations
      Saturday from 9:00 to 2:00


      Registration Fees:
            $100 per cong. up to 6 participants
            $150 for 7 - 10 participants

      Program Materials:$20 per participant
      Lunch and snacks included

      Ccontact the Institute for work with an individual congregation)


Seminars ➣ Training ➣ Support


   • Staff Development/Team Building
   • Leadership: clergy/governing board
   • Retreat Leadership
   • Workshops


   • Public Speaking
   • Adjunct Teaching
   • Coaching

Information and Costs - contact:
Dr. Michael C. Rehak
(608) 423-9556