Michael will walk with you as you seek to be a healthier more self-differentiated leader desiring deeper health for, and understanding of, the congregation you serve. The coaching may focus on issues including:

  • Conflict
  • Leader/governing board relations
  • Congregational personality specific questions and challenges

Those seeking coaching specifically for working with the personality of the congregation and are under a licensing agreement have one hour of coaching available through the license. This coaching may occur in one session or in multiple shorter sessions. It may be with the primary licensee or with a group of congregational leaders who participated in the process of identifying their congregation’s personality.

Coaching can be conducted by phone, speakerphone, or Skype.

Additional coaching for working with the concepts and material for The Self-Differentiated Church or for other concerns can be contracted and provided under the same flexible options, listed above, for participants and methods of communication.

The fee for coaching is $20.00 per quarter hour, or portion thereof.

To set an appointment, contact:

Dr. Michael C. Rehak

(608) 423-9556