Meet the Director
The Institute for Congregational Identity
and author of
The Self-Differentiated Church

Dr. Michael C. Rehak

Since the age of six Michael knew he would be a pastor. He was ordained in 1975 as Associate Pastor of Salem Lutheran Church, Glendale CA. His second congregation was Redeemer Lutheran Church, Cupertino, CA, 1980-1996. During this time his passion for psychology, his primary college major, was reignited as he reflected on the congregations of his youth, internship, and first call; the one where he described himself as A fish out of water. He was comparing them to Redeemer where he and the congregation were two peas in a pod. He realized just how unique the personality of each congregation was and how helpful it would be to others to have a systematized resources for understanding the personality of each congregation and thereby enhance one’s ability to be a more effectual leader.

Having been trained and licensed in 1984 in the use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), which is grounded in Jungian Psychology, Michael began his research, Identifying the Congregation’s Corporate Personality in 1988. At the same time he honed his skills as a teaching consultant, contracting with major Silicon Valley companies to give middle-management seminars using the MBTI as a knowledge base. The initial research thesis was completed in 1992, followed by a research article published in The Journal of Psychological Type in 1998 (vol. 44). Upon moving back to Wisconsin later that year he founded the Institute for Congregational Identity.

In 1999, Michael’s discernment led him into the ministry of being an Intentional Interim; often taking on the more hurt or troubled congregations. His understanding of congregational personalities, with support knowledge of levels and dynamics of conflict, and congregational size dynamics, have been assets in his interim work. A break in parish ministry was taken from 2001-2007 to serve as the Associate with the Bishop for Congregation Health.

Michael continues to lead seminars, retreats, and to lecture on personality dynamics in congregations. His desire is to conduct research with 200-500 congregations (inter-faith) who have experienced pastor-people conflict (see Research drop-down menu). Being auditory he prefers personal contact — so give him a call. Michael will be pleased to talk to you.


Dr. Michael C. Rehak